Domestic Investigation
Do you have a nagging suspicion that your spouse or romantic partner is not being faithful and need proof? Are you getting a divorce or needing modification to your child custody case? Domestic cases are some of the most difficult and highly-emotional investigations we work. Both "success" and "failure" present their own challenges. A successful outcome means that your suspicions were correct, you have the proof, and you can now move forward with that knowledge in hand. Failure involves another set of challenges. Rarely are clients "relieved" when we do not find evidence of infidelity. More often, they continue to feel that something is not right in their relationship and never get that closure or peace of mind they deserve. Neither outcome seems to make them feel better. But not knowing is worse. We have extensive knowledge and experience in domestic cases. Our owner has a Ph.D. in psychology and understands first-hand what you are going through. You want answers. You deserve to know the truth. We can be in place and working on most cases in two hours. You're entitled to some peace of mind.
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In child custody cases, the judicial process requires facts and evidence. Evidence of a clear pattern of negative or abusive behavior is needed to alter a custody decision. It is important that the judge in your case has as much information as possible in order to make the right decision. And he or she needs evidence to make those decisions. Although we make no guarantee of the outcome of any case, we want you to rest assured that we will make every effort to get you as much evidence and information as possible so you can have a successful outcome. We want to provide you with admissible physical evidence to submit to your court to aid in the determination of your case. Call us today for your free consultation.
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