Some Frequently Asked Questions
What inspired you to start your own business and why should I hire you? What makes you different?
We have worked with many private investigation firms over the years. Some of them were good, most of them were not. Many businesses today have unfortunately sunk themselves into a never ending race-to-the-bottom, offering cheap prices and flimsy products to weary customers who have grown accustomed to disappointment. You've seen it time and time again. From the restaurant you used to love that is just not the same anymore to car manufacturers who "sure don't make 'em like they used to." This business practice is infecting our society and we can't stand it. No one is proud of anything anymore. They want the easiest slide along the path of least resistance. That is not a good way to do business and we refuse to be a part of it. We want to turn the modern-day business model on its head and give you more than you have come to expect. We push ourselves to rise above the increasingly-mediocre service you're used to and offer you a level of service that other, more established, firms can't (or won't). We operate by the age-old tenet of "Under-Promise and Over-Deliver." If you have previous experience with another firm that left you feeling burned and wanting more, please give us a call. Let us surprise you. We like to think that we do it a little differently and would love the opportunity to prove it to you.
What do you love most about being a private investigator?
When a person finally makes the decision to call a private investigator for help, it is usually during one of the darkest and lowest times in his or her life. Something (very) bad has happened and they want answers. They want resolution. They want a professional who knows what they are doing and for this person to just make it better. They are tired of the lies and the betrayal and the deception. This vulnerability lets us help people untangle the web of deceit and offer a small measure of resolution during a lonely and desperate time. Very few professions provide such an opportunity to connect with another person. Especially during his or her darkest time and when they need it the most. We can help reunite families. We can help resolve issues of marital betrayal. We can help find missing family members. We can be the light at the end of a very dark tunnel and give hope and closure to someone who has been through hell. This is not a responsibility that we take lightly and we rise to the challenge. For us, this is the part of our job we love the most.
Does someone need a private investigator's license to perform private investigations in the State of Texas?
Yes. All Private Investigators in the State of Texas must go through a series of steps to earn their license. First, they must apply with the state. This application process ensures they possess the needed educational and experience requirements. Second, they must pass a rigorous written examination. This examination allows the state to ensure that all private investigators know the applicable state laws regulating investigation services. Finally, they must undergo a comprehensive FBI background check before they earn their license and can practice. This background check helps weed out those applicants with criminal records. Private investigators have a great deal of latitude and access to sensitive and confidential information. In the wrong hands, this could be disastrous to the general public. Protect yourself and make sure that your private investigator holds a current license and they are adequately insured before you hire them to work for you! You can check the license status of a private investigator on the Department of Public Safety website .
Will you provide me with a detailed account of the investigation?
Absolutely! When we decide to take a case, we provide our clients with a detailed contract and retainer agreement that both the client and the agency must sign. This contract will outline exactly what to expect from us and what your investigation will entail. We will not begin until both you and the investigation team are comfortable with the nature of the investigation and what each expects of the other. You will receive regular updates from the agency representative on how your case is progressing. We will also contact you if we run into any roadblocks or difficulties that you should know about. When we complete the investigation, we will provide you with a written report along with a detailed invoice outlining all expenses related to your case. We keep our clients informed.
Can I call frequently to get a detailed update of my investigation?
We know you are anxious and want to know what is going on at all times, but we have found that if the field investigator must provide constant updates, it can hamper the investigation. Things can happen suddenly in field investigations. The investigator must maintain constant visual contact with the subject. Responding to questions and providing status updates impairs the investigator's ability to pay attention and can result in missing something important. So, we ask that our clients allow us the freedom to conduct the investigation as we see fit. If something important happens, we will definitely let you know.
Will I get the evidence I need when I hire you?
We're gonna shoot straight with you–we provide no guarantee as to the results of any investigation. And you shouldn't believe anyone who does. There are many factors that go into an investigation and many of these are outside the control of the investigator. For example, following a subject on a mobile surveillance. Following someone in a vehicle is one of the hardest parts of any surveillance. So many things can go wrong. Any private investigator who tells you different is trying to sell you a bill of goods. This is not the movies. Even seasoned investigators with years of experience will lose subjects from time to time. Things come up. Difficulties arise. Subjects get tipped off. It's the nature of the business. The only thing we can promise is that we will do our very best to get you the information. Sometimes, the information we obtain runs counter to the client's best interests or there is simply no information to get. You should be prepared for both possibilities.
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