Serve Process
Do you need legal papers served such as summons, subpoenas, complaints, or writs to face someone in court? Our certified Fort Worth process servers are also licensed private investigators. This is what sets us apart from constables and other officers of the court.
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Constables merely knock on the subject's door. If there is no response, they will leave. Our Fort Worth process servers can not only knock on doors, but we can also perform comprehensive background checks to aid us in the search. This can help us find hard-to-locate individuals and verify that the person in question actually lives at the address. If we discover additional addresses for the subject, we try those locations, as well. We take the time to track down the subject via extensive skip tracing and other tools of the trade to increase success rates and get results. Why pay an attorney to hire a constable when you can go directly to the source? All attempts will include body camera video footage with audio, proving that the serve was completed. Licensed by the Texas Office of Court Administration, Judicial Branch Certification Commission. Certification #: PSC-18374.
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