About Us
Who are we? Our investigation team is a diverse network of licensed private investigators. We specialize in fixed and mobile surveillance for a wide range of applications and serve many locations within the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. We have a team of five digital security specialists on staff who handle our OSINT and digital forensics division. We also employ two genetic genealogists who are experts in tracking down lost family members for adoption investigations and/or probate execution and administration. Every investigator who works for us holds a private investigation license in his or her respective state. We are members of both the Texas Association of Licensed Investigators (TALI) and the North Texas Private Investigators Association (NTPIA).
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We operate with the highest levels of integrity, due diligence, and discretion. It is our mission to provide every one of our clients with the peace of mind he or she deserves. We will use our expertise and every tool available to us to get you the evidence that can help you make some tough and important decisions. If you've dealt with another private investigation firm in the past that has left you feeling "burned" and wanting more, please contact us today. We like to think we do things a little differently and we'd love the opportunity to prove it to you. You deserve to know the truth. We are here to give it to you.
Our Mission
  • Provide our clients with high-quality investigation services that lead to long-term, repeatedly-satisfied customers.
  • Operate with the highest degree of ethics and integrity, well within the bounds and constraints of the law.
  • Maintain a keen eye toward keeping our client’s confidentiality securely intact.


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