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This is episode 4 of The Investigation Guru. In this episode, we discuss the legalities of what a PI can NEVER do, under any circumstances.

In episode 3 of The Investigation Guru, we discuss five things that PI’s are allowed to do that many people don’t realize are perfectly legal.

Ever wonder what a private investigator is never allowed to do? Here is a list of five things a private investigator can not do under any circumstances.

Here is a list of five things that private investigators are legally allowed to do (believe it or not).

In this article, we discuss the growing threat of identity theft and digital terrorism, as well as some ways that you can protect yourself.

Most countries consider human trafficking transnational organized crime. It entails the trade of humans for the purpose of labor or sex.

Here’s what private investigators can do with your social data, and when they are allowed to access it.

Gear is a very important part of any private investigator’s toolbox. The investigation equipment we choose needs to accomplish three things: it needs to be useful, it needs to be durable, and it needs to be high-quality. If it makes us feel more covert and look super-cool in the process, all the better.

In this episode, we discuss the shocking case of Vanessa Guillén, an Army soldier who was brutally murdered and dismembered by fellow soldier Aaron Robinson.

Parental alienation is the toxic practice of custodial parents withholding their children from the other parent to get back at them, using the children as unwilling pawns in the battle that should be between adults.

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